Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why I May Not Vote For Hillary Clinton

Like most progressives I was very excited to see Hillary was going to run for president.  I believe it is long past time that we see what a woman can do as the leader of the free world and Hillary is the most qualified by far.  When she finally announced her candidacy, I was a little disappointed that her website did not have bumper stickers.  I went to another site ( and they had Hillary stickers for $3.50 with free shipping.  I bought one and put it on my car.

While I was on Hillary's site, I did sign up to be kept informed and I made a donation to her campaign.  A few weeks later, I received an email from her site that they now had merchandise, so I went to look.  They did have bumper stickers, two for $5.00.  I decided that even though I already have one, I would like an official one, so I ordered it.  Or them.  Or I would have.  When I got to the shipping page I was informed that it would cost $5.87 for the shipping.  Of two bumper stickers.  When other sites ship them for free.  Two bumper stickers would easily fit in an envelope and could be mailed for less than fifty cents.  Why is the cost $5.87?

I asked the Hillary campaign this.  I received an email in return (without a person's name on it) stating that this is the way the fulfillment center is set up but that they are working on correcting it.  That was on May 27, 2015.  Today is June 11, 2015 and I went back and looked at the site again and the cost for shipping two bumper stickers is no longer $5.87.  It is now $6.09.  So, the way they fixed the problem was by charging more.

I told them that if they could not get the fulfillment center to ship the merchandise at a reasonable cost, then they should order the bumper stickers themselves and keep them in their office and if anyone is only ordering bumper stickers, the office can send them out for fifty cents (even though is free) and that would be acceptable.  They never responded on why that was not possible, only that they were working to correct the problem, which they have by making it worse.

Is this a major problem?  No.  Is it a problem?  Yes.  Did Hillary fix the problem?  No.  Do we want a president who does not fix problems?  I don't think so.

But wait.  There's more.  Remember I said I signed up to be kept informed of her campaign?  What a mistake that was.  Three emails in one day.  And the campaign season hasn't really started yet.  And none of them gave me any indication of her platform or why I should vote for her.  They were all either to buy merchandise, to give more money, to enter a contest to meet Hillary, to host a party (Hillary would not be coming to it) or some other lame excuse to send an email.

Thank God for unsubscribe.  I am no longer receiving Hillary's emails.  At this point, I wonder if I am going to vote for her.  I seriously think if she wants the American people to vote for her, she needs to get in touch with us and reduce her shipping prices to reasonable pricing.  $6.09 to mail two bumper stickers is beyond excessive.

I think Hillary Clinton is out of touch with America.