Thursday, February 25, 2010

Healthcare Reform

Well, they're at it again.  President Obama began his Healthcare Reform Summit today, which was meant to be a bi-partisan agreement on what this country needs in this regard.  What he got was bickering back and forth, and little, if anything accomplished.

What we, the people got was much more.  We were able to see in a definitive way that the Republican Party is truly the party of NO.  They are not coming up with new ideas, they don't care about supporting our president, they don't want reform.  They will do everything in their power to ensure that we do not get this passed.

Republicans consistently state that the American people do not want this reform, yet every poll shows that we do.  Republicans claim that they have a better solution, yet they were in control of both houses AND the White House for eight years and never did a thing.

Republicans lie.

Listening to the coverage of today's summit was like listening to Rush or Glenn or Bill or that other dimwit.  Nothing constructive was being offered from the right (who should be referred to as "the wrong") and it's time for the Democrats to take charge.

We want real reform.  A robust public option.  Premiums limited to no more than $100 per month.  Basic and preventative care 100% covered.  No deductibles or co-pays and no pre-existing conditions.  Further, any decisions on our medical care should be made with our doctors, not by an insurance company.  If my doctor wants a particular medication, that is the medication I should be receiving, and it should be 100% covered by my insurance.  I shouldn't have to settle for a generic just because it saves the insurance company money.  If my dentist recommends a composite filling for my molar, my insurance company should not be allowed to reduce it to the cost of an amalgam just because it saves the insurance company money.

Give us real reform.  Give us what we want.