Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hillary Wins!

The fascinating thing about Hillary Clinton winning the New Hampshire primary is that every poll taken right up until the day of the election had her losing to Barack Obama by a hefty margin.  Obviously, the polls are not always correct.  In fact, it's good to see that Hillary was able to beat Barack because it sends a message to voters to not pay too much attention to polls.  In the end, the only thing that matters are the votes.

One thing that needs to be considered going forward is what caused Hillary to pull ahead in New Hampshire.  Most of the pundits feel that her breakdown in the week before the election helped people to see her in a more personal light, and thus change their votes.  This is possible, but there is another possibility.  In New Hampshire forty percent of the voters are Independent and are allowed to vote either Democratic or Republican in the primary, as they choose.  In this election, the choice for Democrat was two to one over Republican.  Of those who chose to vote Democrat, were they voting for Hillary because they want her as their next president, or were they voting for Hillary because they think that she can't win and they really want a Republican in the White House?  Something to think about.

On to more important matters; my cats.  I have two cats that I adopted last June when they were three weeks old and their mother abandoned them.  They are a brother and sister and I named them Endora and Arthur.  They are now just over seven months old, so they are fully out of the cute kitten stage and into the cat stage, and as they continue to grow I understand more and more each day why their mother abandoned them.

From the time they were little they have both worn collars with bells on them, as I feel that the hummingbirds have a right to know when the cats are around.  Within the last week Arthur started removing his collar on a daily basis.  I responded by purchasing harnesses for the two of them, which they cannot remove.  I attached their bells to these, and Arthur somehow figured out how to get the bell off.

I finally took out my sewing kit and decided to attach the bell to the back of the harness with thread so he wouldn't be able to remove it.  While doing this, I noticed that I had a few other bells in the sewing kit, so I attached those as well.  Unfortunately for Arthur, these were jingle bells left over from a Christmas project.  Now when he runs across the room, it sounds like Santa's sleigh is getting ready for take-off.